Meet Our Team!


Laura (Olen, Belgium)
IG: @glitterybaths

"Hello! My name is Laura, I’m a bath influencer based in Belgium, taking baths is my favourite form of selfcare and photography is a hobby of mine, the two combined is really my passion! I spend most of my days running after my kitten Pixie and prepping content for my Instagram. What I love most about Sierra’s products is that they perform really well, the scents are very enjoyable and the bath art is incredible!"

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Justine (Ucel, France)
IG: @moon.v.iron

 "Hi , my name is Justine , I’m a bath lover and turned into a bath artist , I’m passionate about photography and of course baths ! I love to do different things and I try to be the more creative possible ! I own 6 cats and 3000 baths products, that explains myself well 😂 "

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Anna (Grenchen, Switzerland)
IG: @andromeda_tonks6

"My name is Anna and I‘m a single mom from Switzerland. Bathing is my go to when it comes to selfcare after a day of running after my 5yo daughter. And I love taking pics. As a former journalist and press photographer I know how to take pics (or at least I hope so 😂). I’m a little gothic nerd, I love anything about Star Wars, Harry Potter (my daughter’s middle name is from the HP series) and LOTR. What I love about Sierra is her versatility when it comes to restock themes, scent combos, colors... And her products always produce awesome bath art too!"

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Sarah (Pratteln, Switzerland)
IG: @xsarah_jk

"Hello and Servus together!

My name is Sarah Kronberger I was born in Austria and live in switzerland because of my Boyfriend since 6 years.
I'm an advertising technician, which means that I'm a craft and creative Type. Selfcare means to me pretty and good scented Baths to enjoy and chill after a long day of work.
What I love so much about sierra's products is that there are varied themes and scents, it's like a chocolate box you don't know what comes next!"

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Jen (Montreal, Quebec)
IG: @jensbathingbonanza

"Hi I’m Jen! 
I’m an avid bath taker and huge fan of bathart and all things bath. I’ve been sharing my bathart online for years and years! I also love cats, food, music, books and all things spooky. I’m a huge fan of Korean cinema as well. Another thing I’m really into is fragrances, something about scents that can just transport me to another time and moment in life. I especially love earthy woodsy and fire scents. I’ve been using Sierra from what feels like the beginning of her journey and I’ve seen her progress and dedication to her brand, give her a try I especially love the bath salts !"

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Stephanie Cooper (Pickering, Ontario)

IG: @tokinsoakin 

Hey! You can call me Cooper. :) 
I've been a fan of the bathing community for a few years, got hooked on the bubble bar chopping asmr craze. But I didn't start taking photos of my baths until I turned to self-care to deal with 2020 stress, and the first indie company I tried was SierraHandmade! I not only fell in love with the products, how cute and bright, I fell in adoration for Sierra, her brand and customer service is amazing! I'm a total dork, obsessed with Nintendo and the Zelda franchise. I'm that friend that talks about astrological star charts and meditates in the bath with crystals and candles. 
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Brooke (Carlton Place, Ontario)
IG: brookesbaths

"My name is Brooke I’m 24 I love taking baths and love bath bombs!😍 I also love animals I have two dogs and a cat both of our dogs names are Rosie (don’t ask)😂😂my cats name is Tiggy. I love to be outside I enjoy gaming (Fortnite) LOL don’t judge me🙊

Courtney (Smith Falls, Ontario)
IG: @Courtneypreece1

"Hii 🥰 my name is Courtney, I’m a 26 year old momma to a 6 year old little man named Grayson, and 2 fur babies named Pope and Rona 🐈 We live in smiths falls ontario. My favourite food is tacos, and my favourite pop is A&W root beer 😍 Grayson is constantly on the go and as a little boy, he likes to get dirt, but that’s okay because our nights always end up with a bath to finish the day using our favourite thing in the world, SIERRAS BATH BOMBS 🥰"

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Beth (Carlton Place, Ontario)
IG: @bethhs_bathh

"Hello everyone! My name is Beth, I live in the Carleton Place, ON, CA! I love taking pictures, going on adventures to explore new places and love to take baths to relax after a long day. Me and my bf have a puppy named Bennett! (He’s a handful sometimes) And myself I have two cats, Bear & Luna. My favourite thing to do on a rainy day is Netflix binge and nap☺️ Oh can’t forget I also love fruity/citrusy scented anything"
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Saphire (Peace River, Alberta)
IG: @lush4lush

"Hey hi hello! I am Saphire, the OG bath influencer Queen! When I’m not in the bath trying new things and editing content I am avoiding social media n spending time with my fam. ✨✨"

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Emily (Spruce Grove, Alberta)
IG: @canadianlusher

"Hi! My name is Emily Baines & I live in Spruce Grove AB! I have 3 rescues (2 cats, 1 dog) and work for Capital Care! I’m a chef, butcher & studying for my Physio diploma, and my favourite food is sashimi & sandwiches! I’m also slightly obsessed with anything Japan related & love anime a bit too much & also love to read/collect books!"

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Rhiannon (Gibsons, British Columbia)
IG: @rhiannonlynsey


"Hi! My name is Rhiannon and I’m a bartender/new bath and body business owner in Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada! My favorite things ever are long baths, doing unboxings and of course making product for my small business @Aurorabaths!

One of my favorite things about Sierra as a person is her compassion. She is the kindest, sweetest soul you’ll ever meet. I’m incredibly proud of her and how she is constantly growing as a business and her products are ever changing and always improving!"
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Brynn (Gibsons, British Columbia)
IG: @brynnkelsey

"Hi! My name is Brynn and I'm 27 residing on the Sunshine Coast, BC. I am a Registered Health Care Aide and work at my local hospital! When I'm not working or taking bath bomb baths I am spending time with my boyfriend, or playing Slo Pitch Baseball. Baths are my form of self care. After a long hard day at work my body aches so I love to come home and take a nice relaxing bath. My favourite scent is definitely anything but Patchouli (lol) .. but really, fruity scents are definitely my favourite!"

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Caylee (Stratford, Prince Edward Island)
IG: caysimps

"Hi! My name is Caylee. I am from Prince Edward Island, Canada and I live between there and Toronto! I love indulging in self care and I’m a huge bath junkie! I love the beach, my dog, traveling and scary movies. I am also slightly obsessed with Sierra’s bath bomb shots! x"

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United States


Kari Brennan (New Jersey, USA)
IG: @karibrennan75

"Hey! My name is Kari. I'm a full time South Jersey mother of two beautiful little girls. I'm a loud & proud blunt woman who is obsessed with self care, baths, horror, tattoos, piercings, crystals, & strange ish! Im a loving, loud, blunt & proud kind of person! I've been apart of the bath community for 6 years & I've been so blessed to meet so many amazing people & enjoy so many amazing products including Sierra! I'm a proud rep & an actual lover & fan of her products!
I never recommend a product or shop I'm not 100 percent happy with & I HIGHLY recommend shopping with Sierra!"

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Hannah (Tampa, Florida)
IG: @hannahishere

"I have 3 big pitbulls, I love my doggies! I'm covered in tattoos and my husband is a tattoo artist of 20 years now. I have a 10 year old son & 8 year old daughter that enjoy stealing my bathbombs and bubble bars -.- lol .. as of now I homeschool my daughter and take care of my health issues. Did I mention.. Baths are EVERYTHING ❤"

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