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It's time to add some fun to your routine...

Settle in for a relaxing bath with an original SierraHandMade invention. Each product exploding with fragrance and tons of fizzy, colourful fun! 

SierraHandMade is cruelty-free and our products contain only the richest and healthiest naturally derived ingredients for your skin!

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Our Story


I have the most sensitive skin, as does my son who is five. We have tried Lush, Naturally Vain and MANY other bath product companies. Sierra puts so much care and effort into making sure her products are meant for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Her bath bombs are the ONLY ones I will use for myself and my son because I know I don't need to worry about getting a reaction. Her bath bombs are SO FOAMY and the scents they come in are such a wide  variety you are guaranteed to find one (or all of them like myself🙈) that you love! I would not recommend  any other bath products than Sierras! 💕 

Courtney @courtneypreece1

"These whimsical and natural bath bombs and bath salts are all hand-mixed and perfect for gifting"

The Toronto Star

I’ve been using SierraHandMade products for about 6 months now and my only negative is that I didn’t find her sooner!!! Her bath bombs, bubble bars, and sugar scrubs are absolutely amazing for your skin with flawless colours to make your bathing experience totally instagram worthy.

Paige @bubblebathlushr

Where do I start?! Wow! Sierra handmade was one of the first indie brands I found when I started my bath account, her bright, bold design and unique bath bombs are what caught my eye. But when I received my package I was absolutely blown away. The thought, time and effort put into these bath bombs is truly amazing! Sierras scents are bang on and make you never want to leave your tub, her bath art? out of this world. I will always be a strong supporter of SierraHandMade. Not only are her bombs mesmerizing but they are great for your skin and kid safe too!! Im now having to make orders for me and my baby boy because he loves her bombs just as much as me!!

Love always!

Avery & Kingston @bubblemama13

Omg Sierra bath shots are absolutely gorgeous , they have so much foam and vibrant colour . I am in love with "hot mess" because how vibrant the colour is in the bath .And "i've got a cold " is so beautiful. Her bath bombs WOW they always smell amazing , and just like the bath shots they are FOAMY. The bath art is incredble she always puts secret colours  inside that look amazing in the bath . 100 % reccondmend . 

Paris @lushie_waxobsessed

I have been purchasing amazing bath and body products from Sierra for a long time now and all of her products are absolutely amazing. Her bath bombs create tons of beautiful bath art and her scrubs leave your skin feeling more moisturized than ever but yet get off all that unwanted skin.
Sierra is one of the kindest ladies I have ever met ! Her communication is one of the best qualities about her . She’s always on top with her customers and orders! Lastly I love how Sierra take pride in her work and her products it truly shows!

I 1000% would recommend her to anyone looking for good bath and body products that are Canadian Made with love and by hand !

Amber @bathsoakrepeat

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